Assembler and DV3
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Assembler and DV3

Chapter 1

Caution: No responsibility is taken for the instructions given within this course ! No responsibility is taken for the case of loss of data or the damage of your DV3 !
Everybody works on his own risk here !

You need :
1.) The file NPLv111.bin (-> Yellow CD)
2.) Installed Green Boot Loader (-> Yellow CD)
3.) Hexeditor for files (-> Downloads!)
4.) Disassembler SM6KDASM (-> Downloads!)
5.) SM6010 Instruction Manual (-> Downloads!)

The job of the program NPLv111.bin is, for reinstalling the operating system of the DV3, first to erase the storage area reserved for the system and afterwards to load and write the new system into that storage area of the DV3.
Therefore the SmartSync-Software on the PC has to be deactivated.
Then the Green Boot Loader can be started on the PC and the file NPLv111. bin is to be chosen. After pressing the button “Download to PDA” the program is transfered to the DV3 in the cradle as you activate the DV3 boot-routine by pressing the reset button in the back of the DV3 together with the cursor down button at the front of the DV3.
As observed, also all stored information in the DV3 will be deleted !

After erasing the storage place the program asks by the Green Boot Loader for the “Main System” - the operating system upgrade (e.g. the file N0518v220.bin) to finish the reinstallation.
As a basic knowledge for the following experiments everybody should be familiar with that process.
Caution: To activate the Download-Process the batteries of the DV3 has
to be fully charged !

Experiment :
Copy the Hexeditor EDX.exe and the file NPLv111.bin into a common directory. Start in MS-DOS-mode the Hexeditor by typing EDX NPLv111.bin (followed by pressing the Enter/Return-key).
Within the text area on the right of the Hexeditor-window you can see among several chaotic letters and signs at the position 007Eh the first text-messages clearly. By choosing the Edit-mode you can modify this messages without damaging the rest of the program itself..
Store now the modified file and change afterwards the title into Test1.bin.
Start the Green Boot Loader and choose the file Test1.bin for Download.
After the Download the program begins to work as usual, but showing the messages modified by you !

    Results :
    1. It´s possible to modify the file NPLv111.bin by the Hexeditor.
    2. The modified file is still accepted by the Green Boot Loader and the DV3, even if the title was changed.

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