Assembler and DV3
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Alex´ DaVinci-DV3 Developer Page

What´s going on here ?

Ok, all of you still thinking to be on a page to honor the great genius Leonardo DaVinci - I´m sorry, you are wrong here...
This page is about the Olivetti PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) DaVinci-DV3, which is not great and not full of genius at all...
The device has a lot of defects and deficits and - the most annoying thing for enthusiastic users - there is no SDK (Software Developer Kit) to write own applications for that device !

There had been rumours of a “Black CD” with a SDK for the occasion of the CeBit 2001 in Germany and indeed, in expectation of the SDK I had the idea to establish this page to exchange our selfwritten programs and tips and tricks on software-problems...but as all of you know, there is still no SDK.

But the page exists now - with a new idea !

The “Yellow CD”, which comes together with your DV3, contains the Operating System of the DV3 and a loader program. I just started to examine these files to find out, how the DV3 works and how to isolate and to change the code of the built-in applications !

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